Eco-Fabulous on a Budget

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Eco-Friendly Fashions Eco-friendly fashions have come a long way from the traditional Birkenstocks and burlap sacks that were made popular in the late ‘60s Woodstock era.  Since 2005, models have been parading environmentally-friendly clothing up and down the runway with top designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg, Emily Katz and Stewart Brown showing off clothing made from all natural and organic cotton, corn, bamboo, hemp and other recycled materials.

In the past, clothing made from organic materials could sometimes cost up to double of that of clothing made up of synthetic material. However, that is not so much the case anymore. Discount chain stores such as Target and Wal-Mart are featuring eco-friendly lines in their stores. Target’s eco-friendly apparel Rogan for Target collection designed by eco-conscious designer Rogan Gregory, runs from anywhere from $14.99 to $45; stylish and budget friendly.


Needless to say adding a little green to your closet doesn’t have to be expensive, and why not use the environment as your excuse next time you hit up the mall?


Green Home Improvement: DIY Coffee Sleeve

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By Lauren Bjerk

We already know that travel mugs are the way to go when dealing with purchasing that cup of joe from the coffee shop, but for the days we forget it at home we can still reduce our paper usage by bringing our own coffee sleeve.

Unique and creative, by making your own reusable coffee sleeve, you not only are being economical and stylish, but you also never have to deal with burning your hands on those oh-so-hot paper cups.

Making your coffee sleeve is quick and easy, all you'll need is:

*A cardboard coffee sleeve

*A sewing machine or a needle and thread

*Recycled Material.


1. Cut Pattern. Using the the cardboard coffee sleeve you picked up from a local coffee shop (and plan on recycling!), cut out the shape of the pattern on your recycled piece of material (I used a pair of shorts my puppy decided to destroy). Make sure you have enough material to cut the pattern out twice, as you will be sewing them together in the next step.

2. Pin. Now take your two pattern pieces, align the edges and pin them together using sewing pins.

3. Sew Edges. Either place your pinned together materials on your sewing machine and stitch, or just take a trusty needle and thread and sew by hand until the sleeve'd edges are completely sewn together.

4. Sew Into Sleeve and Add Flair. Take each end of the sleeve and sew them together, forming a circle shape, just like that of a traditional coffee sleeve. If it looks a tad dull, jazz it up by sewing on buttons or adding other frills to the edges.

5. Enjoy. Now that you have your very own, reusable sleeve, you can show off your handy work every where you go. When creating it, you can even sew two different pieces of recycled material together, to gain a versatile look. Pretty soon, people will be asking where you got such a creative cozy.

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Green Weddings

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87700147[1] By Lauren Bjerk
The idea of the ideal wedding is many things to many different people, but generally speaking, that special day is synonymous with elegance and grandeur. One thing it's not usually attached to is the term bio-degradable.
However, the trend of green weddings is a growing phenomenon and one that doesn't necessarily mean compromising the bride's childhood dreams. While online there are an abundance of resources and companies that will help you celebrate without leaving a footprint, three simple rules, according to are the basis of staying true to the Earth on your wedding day.

1. Do no harm. This can be as simple as avoiding the Styrofoam plate section of the super market, to switching the menu to a vegetarian/vegan feast. And while it may be tough for the Mrs.-to-be to trade in her fairy tale dress for an Earth-friendly hemp gown, she can rest assured that there are companies with a variety of wedding gowns with more traditional textures, including hemp satin. 
2. Patronize Earth Friendly Vendors. While making that grand exit as husband and wife for the first time, forget the bubbles and substitute them with natural flower petals for you guest to throw. Additionally, when handing out favors, take a cue from nature and provide your guests with pesticide-free mini bouquets or packets of seeds to enrich their garden. 
3. Reuse, Recycle. If you're still not sold on the hemp gown idea just yet, then maybe consider searching for that adorable vintage dress at a thrift store. And while you're out, pick up recycled paper for your invitations, programs and save-the-dates. Once the ceremony is over, you can still continue your green effort (and charitable effort too) by donating the left over food to a homeless shelter, and the rest of your flowers to a local hospital.  
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Green on the Red Carpet!

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By Erin Marquis

Suzy-amis-old-james-cameron-oscarjpg-deb0aa4c7eb1fd8f_small The Oscar buzz isn’t over just yet, as the media is still looking at who wore what on the big night. But who dressed green? Here’s a look at sustainable glam from this year’s Oscar awards.


Director James Cameron’s wife wore a dress the same color as the earth loving creatures in her husband’s academy award nominated movie Avatar. The dress was constructed from a zero waste pattern meant to minimize or eliminate any scraps. The material was peace silk which is derived from silkworm cocoons without killing the pupae inside.


Wife of Best Actor nominee Colin Firth has made a pledge to only wear ethical and sustainable dresses to award shows this year. Her dress at the Academy Awards was no exception. Her simple black gown was pieced together from end-of-roll fabric, discarded silk, organza offcuts and salvaged silk chiffon from unfinished petticoats.


Academy Award nominee Robert Kenner, the director of Food Inc. is obviously dedicated to environmentalism, and he exemplified this by wearing the first American-crafted organic-wool tux ever to be made for the Oscars.


The Best Supporting Actor nominee wore a black, custom tuxedo made from…hemp! Very appropriate, considering that Woody Harrelson is a an outspoken advocate of hemp reform.

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Eco-Friendly Exercising Never Felt So Green!

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By Liz Kaadou

Treadmill2 Imagine how much energy and natural resources are wistfully wasted at your local gym? From towering treadmills, to fabulous flat-screen TVs, vending machines overflowing with bottled water, and even to the hoards of towels washed every hour.  The terrifying truth is that most gyms around the globe are far from basking in green glory.  While finding eco-concious gyms are a tedious task, here a few environmentally friendly ways to add a glimpse of green glimmer to your daily home workout routine.


Outdoorexercise 1) Instead of investing in electrically powered exercise machines like treadmills and stationary bikes, why not explore the great outdoors.  Go for your daily run on a beautiful trail in your neighborhood and along the way stop for some push-ups and lunges to elevate your workout.


2) If you must purchase some exercise equipment for your home gym, opt for eco-powered ones, like Eco-Powr treadmills. These resourceful running devices use one third less energy than your traditional treadmills, making your eco-imprint on the world much friendlier!


Brita 3) Bypass the bottled water aisle in your supermarket and instead buy a Brita water filter.  This way you can quench your thirst during grueling workouts without wasting water bottles on a daily basis. Click Here to buy one!


Medicine balls 4) Fill your home gym with effective, yet energy efficient workout gear like dumbbells, jump ropes and medicine balls. This Medicine Ball Set with Rack by TKO is a great addition to any home gym! Click Here to purchase one.


Vegangymshoes5) Greenfiy your workout wardrobe! Materials like organic cotton and bamboo get the eco-friendly stamp of approval, or gracefully glide your way into eco-fashion heaven with these Earth Glide Vegan gym shoes. 


For more eco-friendly workout advice, visit RTM's Earth Tones section


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Take Your Jewelry Collection from Glam to Green!

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By Liz Kaadou

Green jewelry Green clothes, green shoes… and now green jewelry? Yes, the world of shiny and sparkly stones has transgressed into a ravishing realm of eco-friendly elements composed of fallen wood, grass, nuts and even seeds. These environmentally friendly materials get the eco-seal of approval and provide a great option for eco-lovers looking for some luminous luster that would make the environment sing its praises.  Although finding green jewelry may seem like a tedious task, here are a few daring designers dedicated to providing trendy and totally natural alternatives to fulfill your need for some gorgeous green glam.


ZulugrassbeadsMade from zulugrass, which is sustainable natural grasses that are dyed an array of different colors, these beads are handcrafted and entirely eco-friendly.  Click Here to buy these neat and nifty necklaces- they would make a great gift idea!


Exoticjewelry A stunning and unique piece by Tribal Chick, this necklace is created completely out of tropical pumpkin seeds, acai seeds and melon seeds.  The center is adorned with Tagua nuts in hot pink hues and even comes with a set of earrings! Click Here to purchase this artistic and alluring creation!


Check out RTM's Earth Tones section for more ways to go green!

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Take a Trip to the Eco-Salon

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By Liz Kaadou

Did you know that most blow-dryers use as much energy as an electric toaster and that nail polish is riddled with harmful solvents and resins? It is quite scary to think that almost all of the items we use on a daily basis could be harming the environment, but have no fear; there are plenty of eco-friendly beauty products for the green-go-getter in you.



Green your manicure with PeaceKeeper all natural nail polish.  Rated as the safest paint-based natural nail polish by the Environmental Working Group, this pretty polish comes in an array of environmentally-friendly shades.  Click Here to buy.



Shampoo Get the shiny, healthy, voluminous hair you deserve- minus the harmful chemicals with Poofy Organics Lovely Lavender Shampoo.  With natural ingredients like organic lavender essential oil and organic apple cider vinegar, this shamppo will leave your hair and the environment squeaky clean!




Blow-dry your hair in true green style with this Eco Ionic hair blower by Conair. This dutiful drying machine uses 25% the amount of electricity as traditional hair blowers and is packaged in one hundred percent post-consumer recyclable material. Click Here to purchase.



Shaver Shave your way to smooth skin with the Power Plus Piranha Dynamo Shaver. With no power supply needed, it is perfect for camping or traveling.  Say goodbye to dead batteries, simply wind it up to recharge and you are good to go! Click Here to buy.


For more eco-friendly beauty advice, visit RTM's Earth Tones section.


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Fabulous Boots: A Green Guide to a Warm Winter

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By Liz Kaadou


Nothing says high fashion like a great pair of shoes, and nothing says eco-fashion better than a cute pair of vegan boots. Yes, stylish vegan boots do exist and with winter right around the corner you may want to think about investing in a pair. These all natural, eco-friendly shoe materials get the vegan seal of approval: bamboo, jute (a plant from Asia), hemp, pleather, satin and microfiber.  It’s time to take a step in the vegan direction.These four fabulous finds will take you eco-lovers from boot blah to boot bliss.  


Earth elite vegan green boot Perfect for snowy and rainy days, these waterproof Elite Vegan Rain Boots are made from over 70% recycled material. Equipped with Bio-foam cushioning and an incline to help you burn those extra calories, these bright patent boats will defnitely fulfill your passion for eco-fashion. 

Click here to buy on Amazon.


Slouch vegan boot Who would ever know these boots are certifiably vegan? Chic, stylish and ultra trendy, these Comfort Vegan Slouch Boots are made entirely of pleather.  Perfect for a chilly night on the town or even running errands during the day. Either way you'll walk taller as a veganista.


Men hemp boots Vegan men around the globe, the eco-fashion world has not forgotten about you.  Whether its snow shoveling or hitting the hiking trail, these 100% organic MBO Men's Hemp Boots are the perfect addition to any shoe collection.  Made from organic hemp free of any chemicals or pesticides, these snazzy shoes will make any man proud to go green. For fancier footwear, take a look at these Men's Vegan Boots.


Check out RTM's Earth Tones section for even more eco-fashion tips.


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Natural Beauty from the Kitchen or Grocery Store

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Lemons Many make-up, skin-care and hair-care lines have long lists of unknown and non-pronounceable ingredients. Not only can our skin be very sensitive and react to these chemicals with rashes and irritations, but we can find much better and more environmentally progressive alternatives easily. Even though the beauty market has many skin care and make-up organic lines out, but check the labels before you make a purchase to make sure the product is organic. Natural products, found at a health food store or in the comfort of your kitchen, can be especially effective and make you feel (and smell) like a natural beauty.  


To Exfoliate Skin: Mix sugar and olive oil.

To Hydrate Skin: Use Shea butter, found at most health food stores.

To clear up a Blemish: Dab on a lemon, or some tea tree oil.

To Soothe a Cold: Add peppermint or eucalyptus pure essential oil to your bath or shower.


For more eco-beauty tips visit RTM’s Earth Tones section.


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How To Buy the Best "Green" Natural Make-Up

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Natural_pop Attention luxury beauty junkies with an eco-conscience: green brands like Cargo PlantLove and Eco-Tools can keep your make-up bag well-stocked and your green heart warm. It'll be (literally) a smooth transition between animal hair or synthetic brushes and Eco-Tools' new - and inexpensive - bamboo ones. The tools, found in drugstores or online, come in convenient sets or singles, include responsible packaging and are a total steal, especially since they last so long. It still feels like my bamboo blush brush is straight out of the package after a year of using it.

The PlantLove section of Cargo products at Sephora is a one-stop-shop for all the green (not literally) high-end makeup products you could want. With it's adorable yet biodegradeable packaging and botanically-infused ingredients, PlantLove is the only prestige color brand to carry the globally recognized Ecocert natural designation for its comprehensive environmental commitment. For example, if you plant the lipstick box, it will grow wildflowers - seeds are planted in the earth-friendly outer wrapping, the rest of the package will biodegrade in 46 years.

The products are highly recommended not only for their quality but because the ingredients are actually beneficial in the long run - remember, a large percentage of everything you put on your skin seeps into your body and can cause longer-term problems. Organic products are loaded with antioxidants, healthy oils and other organics that you'd actually want to put in your body.

All PlantLove products get the Sephora natural seal, a set of standards created by Sephora since other natural standards are not regulated by the FDA; many other Sephora products have this seal. Put it all together by adding bamboo brushes - from kabuki to lash & brow -at the drugstore, and you've got it in the green bag! 

For more eco-style advice, visit RTM's Earth Tones section.  

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