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Planet Driven - Green Tips on Car Buying & Care

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With so many choices in hybrid, diesel and electric vehicles today, making a decision on which one is best for you and your family is daunting at best. There are so many things to consider when making your transformation from a gas-powered world to a green-powered planet. You want to do the right thing. You want to buy the right products. And you're doing your best to recycle everything in sight. But what about all the things related to buying a new car, a more earth friendly used car, or even what oil is best for the planet? After all, these are not things you do everyday like recycling. They are purchases and choices and decisions that most people make only once or twice a year. So, let us help.

Road & Travel Magazine (RTM) is a website that is partnered with the Earth, Wind & Power Blog. The goal of the partnership is to share content with RTM's auto and travel environmental sections, one of which is Planet Driven, which offers dozens of earth friendly articles with tips and advice on all things automotive. So have a look and as always we welcome your comments, suggestions and support. Even guest bloggers!

Earth is our only home... so let's clean it up! Please share RTM and EWP content with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so that together we'll become an unstoppable force for good for a Planet Driven by our will to survive and thrive. [PLANET DRIVEN]



Bloggers Needed, plus Visit Earth Tones & Planet Driven

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Fall-Foliage-lead Greetings faithful Earth, Wind & Power Blogazine Readers: We are currently in need of environmental friendly bloggers who would like to help provide content and resources to people around the world about all the ways they can help improve our planet. Just take a look at the variety of subjects EWP covers in its navigation bar. While compensation is not an option at  this time in this economy, a byline is as is your contribution to help educate everyday people on how to become more earth friendly.

We welcome eco-friendly companies to contribute as well as those who simply want to make a difference. If interested, please use the comment section to reply with your article topic and we will contact you to send your blog post for review. Those that are well written and contain useful content will be posted with byline. We will also require your written permission to post your work.

While we pursue this quest to find contributors we invite you to visit our other publication - Road & Travel Magazine, which also contains useful information in its environmentally friendly auto and travel sections. Earth Tones addresses eco-friendly travel topics while Planet Driven covers earth friendly cars and other tips and advice on automotive environmentally friendly topics. Check out the archive section in both as there are dozens of articles that provide useful and helpful information. Thank you for your support.


About Earth, Wind & Power Blogazine

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With global warming now a universal mainstream Earth, Wind & Power (EWP) Blogazine will bring consumers the latest environmental developments and news on a variety of topics and tips on what readers can do to reduce their carbon footprint. There is power in numbers.

Here are some of the topics where you can expect to find expert advice and tips on how to protect our planet.

·         Travel – Sustainability has become a hot topic in the tourism industry. The travel section will provide information on eco-friendly lodging, travel products and tips on how to tread lightly.

·         Home & Garden – Here, you will find all the latest information on organic household products for your home and garden. We will also explore the latest in solar and wind to create energy-efficient homes, even everyday living.

·        Environmental Reviews – With so many DVDs available it is hard to figure out which ones offer the most accurate information. And who has the time? We do. We will review all the latest documentaries to let you know which ones should be on your short list to stay informed.

·         Ewp-color-smallAutomotive – The auto industry is making excellent progress with electric, hybrid, and other alternative power sources with their new century know-how. We’ll review what’s new to keep you in the loop. Eco-ingenuity will also be recognized with the Earth, Wind & Power Awards, designed to honor vehicles that consume less energy by using greener power supplies, promote a cleaner environment, and support the mission to achieve energy independence.

·         Fashion – Live a more eco-friendly lifestyle with tips on how to develop a more sustainable wardrobe without stifling your style.

·         Celebrity Sound-Off – Celebrities and sports figures are getting involved on a massive scale. This section will share their comments as well as what they are doing to pitch in.

·         Political Opinion – Learn which politicians have climbed aboard the Earthbound Express, and what they're doing to improve our quality of life through their environmental initiatives and programs.

·         Science Matters – Scientists all over the world agree that our planet’s health is in rapid decline. The evidence is everywhere, from erratic weather patterns to melting glaciers. EWP will interview scientists who will help distinguish the facts from fiction, so we can all take the right path to action.


Courtney Caldwell is the founder, president and CEO of Earthbound Express, Inc., a multi-media company specializing in environmental issues and topics aimed at educating consumers, industries and media alike. The goal of EE, Inc. is to create environmental awareness and share solutions through its media outlets. Caldwell, also the founder and editor-in-chief of ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine, is a national media spokesperson on auto and travel topics for several companies each year, as well as an advocate of personal safety for women.