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2013 Cadillac SRX Road Test Review

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2013 Cadillar SXR Crossover Road Test written by Martha Hindes - RTM's 2013 CUV Buyer's Guide

by Martha Hindes

It wasn't as if any Cadillac fan needed to be prompted to check out the SRXcrossover when it first came out. Aficionados had been waiting anxiously. We recall one man who chased us down on a side road during an early test drive to eagerly get a good look. That was some four years ago. Now, with an updated mid-size2013 Cadillac SRX on scene, the only prompting needed to coax curiosity is its CUE.

That's really not a play on words, although dictionaries define it as a prompt, or signal to do something. In this case, it's discovering that Cadillac has incorporated a finely-tuned, user-friendlier touchable electronics interface for all those delicious high tech gadgets that populate contemporary vehicles. Cadillac has cleverly combined “Cadillac User Experience” into the simple, unforgettable acronym CUE that helps define the simplicity of this new system designed to take the complexity angst out of automotive electronics that has sullied some competitive vehicles. It's standard on all 2013 SRX models. To continue the review, click here.


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