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When is it Too Old to Drive?

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When is Too Old to Drive?

What to Do When Your Loved One Should Stop Driving

by Courtney Caldwell

Americans are living longer than ever before thanks to healthier lifestyles, increased exercise, greater awareness about nutrition, and more advanced medications to either control or delay the onset of typical old age maladies. If seniors can be found jogging or playing tennis today, then when do they become too old to get behind the wheel of an automobile?

Seniors Want to Maintain Freedom

My parents drove well into their 80s and until then were in good physical and mental health. Then, my father began having seizures, which later turned out to be the result of advanced lung cancer. He wisely removed himself from the road. Once a very active man (he worked until he was 85), he became a housebound senior who slept, ate, watched TV and waited for the cancer to take his life. Without his mobility, he was bored and actually looked forward to going to chemotherapy just to get out of the house. Full story


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