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October 2012


Most Haunted & Historic Hotels in America

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A Guide to Haunted & Historical Hotels

Playing Host to Ghouls & Ghosts 
Every Night of the Year

If the little devil in you still prefers “tricks” over treats and goose bumps are your gauge of a good time, members of National Trust Historic Hotels of America can offer a ghastly good time. Spanning over 300 years of history, these hotels have seen their share of unrequited love, untimely deaths and unsolved mysteries—all ingredients that stir supernatural specters. 

Make your Halloween a truly haunting experience with a visit to one of these spooktacular sites. Choose to go ghost hunting with a group, participate in a murder mystery weekend or book a stay in a “preoccupied” room.

Floyd the Doorman - Georgia 
Big Bend Ghost Tracker, a group of ghost hunters, spent the night at the Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia, and monitored several areas of the hotel where strange sightings have been reported. Fully equipped with flashlights, thermo-meters, cameras, infrared equipment and electro-magnetic monitors the ghost hunters were looking for signs of a haunting. Among the spirits they encountered on the hotel’s third floor was the silhouette of Floyd Lowery, who worked at the Windsor as a doorman and elevator man for 40 years. It is likely that Floyd still wanders the hallways of the Windsor because he so loved the hotel and doesn’t want to leave. [Cover story]

Cigar Smoke & Flowery Perfumes - Michigan
The Holly Hotel been referred to as the most haunted historic building in Michigan, and perhaps the most haunted in America. By all accounts, the Holly Hotel does seem to be one of the few active haunted hotels where the occurrences continue over and over. The haunting and strange happenings have been observed by many people, from employees to guests. Very few of these can be easily discounted. The ghostly residents seem to follow certain “habits,” and even if one is ignorant to the fact that therestaurant is haunted, their experience will often fit into a known set of occurrences. For example, many people have smelled cigar smoke, even though they didn't know that original owner of the Inn smoked cigars. The descriptions of flowery perfume is often strikingly similar as well, and for some reason, the meat cleaver is the favorite toy for a little girls’ spirit who still plays in the kitchen and on the banquet room steps. More Scary Hotels Here...


2012 BMW 128i Convertible Road Test Review

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2012 Sexy Car Buyer's Guide - 2012 BMW 128i Review

by Martha Hindes

Who hasn't heard of the old adage, “Good things come in small  packages.” Take Snooki of Jersey Shore fame perhaps. All four feet nine inches  of her tiny height has sure been very good for cable TV during the last year or  so. A lotta naughty. A lotta flaunting. A bit of super sweet nice. She's copped  the over-the-top vamp spot from wee Salma Hayek , Hilary Duff and Eva Longoria  (all 5'2”) and commands more celebrity interviews than rapper Lil' Kim  (also 4  foot nine).  We won't state that BMW's minuscule 128i Convertible for 2012 flaunts it. But is there any  true convertible auto that doesn't?

An answer to that question should be answered by the first  glance at the BMW 128i in top-down mode. It has a trim, petite shape that bears  all the proper planes and curves a sexy sports car should have and an ability to  get close up and personal with a staunch Teutonic badging without needing a  degree in advanced engineering to appreciate it. For full review, click here.