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How Green is Your Car's Black Oil Change?

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Recycle Used Oil to Help Protect the Environment

Next time you find yourself thinking about what you can do for the environment whether it is recycling, planting a tree, turning off lights when you’re not in a room, consider taking another small step to making a big change — take your vehicle to a fast lube center for its next oil change. Going green with your car isn’t just about fuel efficiency, alternative fuels, and hybrid automobiles. It’s about keeping your maintenance eco-friendly too. By visiting a fast lube center you can protect the environment and the water you drink.


If you change your own motor oil, what do you do with the used oil? Pouring it down the drain or dumping it on the ground or in the trash may not seem like a problem, but these disposal methods allow the oil to seep into the ground water. Four pints of waste oil can ruin 1 million gallons of water, which is a year's supply for 50 people, according to the Automotive Oil Change Association. [Full Story]


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Choosing a lower priced, lower quality oil may not provide the protection your engine needs. If your vehicle is still in factory warranty you risk voiding the warranty by not following the manufacturers recommendations. Oil changes are a service the do it yourselfer can handle without technical training.

visiting a fast lube center you can protect the environment and the water you drink.

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