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Tips to Conserve Electricity (and Money) this Spring

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Electricity bill The drudges of winter are slowly coming to end, and along with warmer temperatures comes longer days (requiring fewer lamp-lit evenings) and open windows (leading to fresh, rather than forced, air flow) throughout your home. And all of these seasonal adjustments add up... to a less expensive electricity bill!

In addition to reducing your eco footprint, a few simple steps can help you to cut your energy usage and keep some cash in your pocket.

Focus on the Fridge
Often overlooked, this appliance is one of the largest consumers of energy in your home. Think about it; it's always on. And while it's running, it can eat up approximately 8 percent of your electric bill. An easy way to help a fridge run more efficiently is to clean the outside coils twice a year.

Don't Forget to Look Up
Don't forget about ceiling fans! Double-check that all are working properly and are dust-free and then redirect fans to circulate counterclockwise in the summertime, pushing from the ceiling down to create a cooling effect.

And then Look Out
Windows, windows, windows. In addition to turning off the therostat when possible, replace your storm windows with screens to allow air to circulate in moderate temperatures. 

Automate It 
If you haven't already, install a programmable thermostat to help adjust to unpredictable changes in temp and humidity. As the air outside heats up, adjust your thermostat to the warmest comfortable temperature for you to save dollars when the bill is due. 

For more eco-friendly tips, visit Earth Tones.



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