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The New American Healthy Grocery List

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Vegetables A recent poll revealed that despite the sugary cereal-laden aisles of grocery stores nationwide, most Americans are health-conscious. And as we age, our tendency to purchase healthier food options increases; in fact, adults over 66 years old are the most likely of all generations to pay attention to nutrition labels. 

So, what food factors topped the list of importance when strolling the store?
- Fresh (89%)
- Fiber (81%)
- Whole grains (81%)
- Fat content (80%)
- Portion size (79%)
- Calories (77%)
- Saturated fat (76%) 

The report, by Harris Interactive, also delivered another interesting fact, that 71 percent of U.S. adults are seeking out locally-sourced produce, an environmentally friendly act that supports local farmers, promotes regionalism and uses less energy for transportation. 

If you're one of the folks with a focus on local foods, often dubbed "locavores," why not skip the chain grocery store all together and head out to the farmer's market? If you're unsure whether your community hosts a market, you can easily look up participating locations using the USDA Farmers Market Search

On the opposite side of the eco coin, a mere 42 percent of poll participants rated organic certification important to their grocery list. Many more natural health characteristics were pointed out as being important to the majority of consumers, however, including eco-friendly packaging, animal meat selections raised without antibiotics, and wild-caught seafoods rather than those that are farm-raised - and often fattier fish options. For more information on green topics, visit RTM Earth Tones.


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