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Spring Cleaning: Tips to Greener Vacuuming

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Spring cleaning Spring cleaning tends to churn up a lot of dust. But what's an eco-minded clean freak to do when it comes to plugging in and running the vacuum? That's what I was wondering as I pushed open my windows for the first time this season, pulled out the vacuum and duster, and took a deep breath. 

Turns out, effective spring cleaning doesn't have to be harsh on the environment. We've rounded up some tips that will keep your home humming without sucking up too much energy in the process.

Open those windows
As soon as weather permits, it's critical to air our your house and let in the freshness. This allows toxins that have built up over the winter (especially heavy if you live in a well-insulated home) to filter outdoors again, and will also help to loosen up the dust-filled corners of your lesser-used spaces.

Embrace the doormat
Up to two-thirds of the dust and dirt in your home is tracked in on your feet, according to the Sierra Club. Take a preventative measure and use doormats near every entry, shake them clean or vacuum them often, and save yourself from added trouble elsewhere.

Upgrade to an efficient vacuum
Choosing a quality machine means less time cleaning for you and less dirt in your home. How do you know which vacuum makes the most sense? Choose one that features the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval and Green Label, ensuring indoor air quality.

Never underestimate baking soda
A sprinkle of soda over your carpet prior to a good vacuum will do just the trick when you're in need of a clean-smelling boost. It's safe, fragrence free and inexpensive, too!

Keep an eye on the belt
Nobody wants to hear the snap of a vacuum belt mid-cleaning session. You should check yours regularly, replacing worn belts when necessary (for maximum effectiveness) and refitting the belt when it's misaligned, causing unintended wear and tear. 


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