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Eco-Friendly Office Habits & Rewards

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Office deskYour nine-to-five may not seem like the most eco-friendly atmosphere, but a recent study revealed that companies are making strides in adopting environmentally-responsible business practices, and many employees make it their personal mission to be mindful of the environment at the office. But as far as the average working American is concerned, U.S. companies and employees could improve greatly when it comes to "going green" at work, and it's up to every single person in the workplace to make it happen. 

Nearly two in three working Americans believe their current employer could do a better job of being environmentally considerate by doing things like recycling paper or refilling ink cartridges. This might result from companies not effectively encouraging green business practices; only one third promote recycling by placing bins around the office, only one in seven assign someone to oversee green initiatives and a mere 8 percent incentivize employee participation. (A reward for recycling? Yes, please!)

All that said, the majority (84%) of working Americans say they personally recycle paper at work, and four in ten are motivated by their desire to set an example for coworkers. And scrutiny is high. Nearly three-quarters of professionals say their current colelagues could improve their habits to reduce their company's environmental footprint. 

So, what do associates want in return for making green choices? Business owners and managers listen up! An extra day of vacation, free lunch or party or a special green gift is all it takes to encourage people to take part and motivate. Are you doing anything at your office to spur eco-smart choices? If so, please leave a comment to share!

Source: Office Max. For more green lifestyle choices, visit our partner, Earth Tones.


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Our computer microchips, hard drives and even our old documents can be of use again as they can be shredded to serve other purposes - as an example. It is good to know that more companies and individuals are looking for solutions so that we will not have to waste too much of our natural resources.

I create a very friendly environment at office and whenever i feel someone is giving his full strength and working hard i will inaugurate a party and motivate that personality at the end of every month.

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