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Planet Driven - Green Tips on Car Buying & Care

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With so many choices in hybrid, diesel and electric vehicles today, making a decision on which one is best for you and your family is daunting at best. There are so many things to consider when making your transformation from a gas-powered world to a green-powered planet. You want to do the right thing. You want to buy the right products. And you're doing your best to recycle everything in sight. But what about all the things related to buying a new car, a more earth friendly used car, or even what oil is best for the planet? After all, these are not things you do everyday like recycling. They are purchases and choices and decisions that most people make only once or twice a year. So, let us help.

Road & Travel Magazine (RTM) is a website that is partnered with the Earth, Wind & Power Blog. The goal of the partnership is to share content with RTM's auto and travel environmental sections, one of which is Planet Driven, which offers dozens of earth friendly articles with tips and advice on all things automotive. So have a look and as always we welcome your comments, suggestions and support. Even guest bloggers!

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There is another thing you could think about - even large sports motorcycles get fuel economy that is in the high 50's per gallon, with smaller engined motorcycles (400cc) getting near 100mpg. Most trips, especially commuting to work, are one person trips so there's no need to use the car if you have the use of a motorcycle. I've cut my fuel bill by 70% since using mine for commuting to work during the week and I save 40 minutes a day in commuting time! I know there are safety implications (and it can be interesting trying to do the weekly shopping!) but motorcycles should be seen as a viable green alternative to the car.

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