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Enjoy a Fuel Free Getaway

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Home-ranch Want a truly eco-friendly vacation? Or are you just looking for the experience of a lifetime? Well leave the car keys at home and reduce your carbon footprint by riding to work on a horse at the Lazy E-L Ranch.

  • The Lazy E-L Ranch, 70 miles southwest of Billings, Montana, is a cattle ranch.
  • This is a working vacation that may reorganize your priorities: your to-do list includes riding the fences, doctoring calves, and herding cattle.
  • The ranch disputes the notion that ranchers and conservationists can't get along goats are used instead of pesticide to eliminate weeds.
  • There are rooms in the lodge, but for the truly pre-industrial experience, ask for the riverfront cabin. There's no electricity or running water, only an outhouse, some cooking supplies, and a wood-burning stove to keep you company.

Visit Earth Tones for more on sustainable travel.


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