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Tire Tips to Save the Environment

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Tire Inflation A common car care ritual many people overlook is tire inflation. Proper tire inflation not only keeps you safe but it can reduce your carbon emissions by offering better fuel economy.

It’s important for the consumer to remember that tire pressure does not remain constant. As outdoor temperatures change, so does the pressure in your tires. In fact, tires may lose one to two psi (pounds per square inch) each month, and even more as outdoor temperatures change. Unfortunately, it is not possible to just look at a tire to determine if the pressure is appropriate. You have to use an air pressure gauge.

Proper tire inflation is not just the number printed on the tire sidewall. Consumers should always refer to the information from the automobile manufacturer, which is commonly listed on the door jamb or in the vehicle's owner's manual.

It’s simple: when tires are properly inflated, you get better fuel economy and a safe drive.

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