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How to Offset Your Emissions on a Cruise

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Eco-friendly cruises With an increased interest in all things "green," including travel, people are scrambling to erase their carbon footprints. One small ship cruise operator, AdventureSmith Explorations, is leading the revolution by offering guests the opportunity to neutralize their carbon emissions on their next trip.

To neutralize calculates the amount of carbon emitted by each small ship cruise itinerary it offers then divides that by the number of guests cruising each year. In turn, when a cruise is purchased, AdventureSmith Explorations contributes a portion of the cruise fare to Sustainable Travel International’s MyClimate carbon offset program to support climate friendly projects around the world; projects such as methane collection and electricity generation in South Africa, solar collectors instead of diesel boilers in Costa Rica, and weatherizing low income housing in the United States.

Next time you are planning a cruise, look into smaller cruise lines that allow you to get up close and personal with your destinations and reduce your carbon footprint.

More about offsetting your cruise emissions.


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