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August 2010


Earth-Friendly Car Washing Tips

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Green-Car-Washing Every vehicle needs a good cleaning, especially during the harsh winter months. Not only does it keep your car sparkling, it keeps your exterior in tip-top shape and helps to maintain the ultra important resale value of your ride.

To keep things green, you’ll want to revert to nontoxic, biodegradable soaps and water-saving practices like turning the hose off except when rinsing.

Some good examples of healthy cleaners: Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner ($8), which contains non-toxic ingredients like grapefruit seed and orange peel to defeat grease, and Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds ($7), a multipurpose cleaner that does double duty on your vehicle but keeps hands silky soft.

For the ultimate in green clean, try a waterless wash kit like Eco Touch ($20) that’s good for four to eight washes using the non-toxic, biodegradable soap and reusable microfiber towels or No-Wet Waterless Car Wash ($21), an organic solution that cleans, shines and protects in one application.

More tips for keeping your car clean and green.



Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

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By Samantha Gasco

Money saving tips With the economy making its recovery, budgets are still tight and saving money is one thing we are all looking to do. With a little extra thought you can do just this and address our ever important environmental issues at the same time.

There are a million and one things you can do to your home, car and lifestyle that can help conserve energy and save a few bucks, but for now here are just a few simple tweaks that can make a huge impact.

1. Instead of using paper towels for kitchen messes, use clothes to clean floors, work tops etc., then wash (in cold water of course) and reuse. Saves on energy used making the rolls transport and paper - even recycled ones use all these resources.

2. Walk! So many people feel they need to jump into the car to hit up the corner store for a couple groceries. Walk or ride a bike instead, it’ll save you money on gas, is better for your health as well as that of our planet.

3. Turn your heat down by one degree or if using central air turn up one degree, and watch your bill decrease. Or, in the summer, turn up your A/C unit. Do really need it to be on 66 or 68 degrees. How about 70 or 72 degrees, and closing blinds that provide direct sunlight.

Now these are just small changes that won’t become a huge inconvenience in your life and in the end your pocket will be thanking you when it’s not turned inside out.

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It's Not A Stretch: Obesity Affects Global Warming

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Fast foodHere's yet another example of how much our food choices impact the world around us. Eating less meat and take-out; and more organic and locally produced foods is not only healthy but environmentally responsible. It can solve the obesity epidemic as well as lightening food's ecological impact. A new report reveals that staying slim is as important for the planet’s health as for our own.

Countries with normal rates of obesity (3.5%) consume almost 20% less food and produce up to one gigatonne fewer greenhouse gases than a population with a 40% obesity rate, concluded the article published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

A higher rate of obesity would mean both an increase in emissions from food production, which today accounts for around a fifth of manmade greenhouse gases, and from transport. Also, leaner populations are more likely to walk and cycle, and cars and planes use less fuel when transporting lighter people.

The higher the obsesity rate, the higher incidence of fast-food and take-out, which means more containers and plasticware thrown in landfills. Obesity is often due to overconsumption - which is the main reason humans can be held responsible for environmental problems like dwindling natural resources and global warming. 

(Source: Green Futures)

For more green news, visit RTM's Earth Tones section.

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Gardening Tips for the Consciously Green

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Gardening Summer is here so step outside and exercise that green thumb that’s been hibernating for all too long. If you're looking to make your garden extra green, here are some ideas that kick off your green garden revolution.

First and foremost, cut out the pesticides and harmful chemicals. Rely on Mother Nature to do her job. Also, try composting. If you don’t have enough room for a large compost bin, a wormer is a good option. Not only will it give you rich, organic soil the worms will speed up the composting process.

Gardens need a lot of attention and water, so instead of using the garden hose and racking up a water bill, collecting rain water is a resourceful way to keep your garden vibrant and green.

Buy flowers that will flower as late into the fall as possible. This will allow more beneficial bugs and bees to have plenty of time to pollinate.

(Source: Associated Content)


Eco-Friendly B&B: The Strawberry Creek Inn

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Ecofriendly-strawcreek It’s time to relax and kick back on soft, cotton-like hammocks made from recycled soda bottles. That’s right; at the Strawberry Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast in Idyllwild, Cal. you will find a tranquil wooded setting that provides the perfect eco friendly getaway. The inn is furnished with many recycled materials and earth-friendly products are used throughout the inn for cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to eco conscious amenities, the inn is certified by the National Wildlife Federation as an official backyard wildlife habitat. You will also find an abundance of native plants in pesticide-free gardens.

In order to conserve resources rainwater is collected for watering the gardens, reducing water use, soil erosion, run off and sewage usage. The Strawberry Creek Inn also composts kitchen, yard and garden waste in either traditional tumbling compost bins or worm composting structures.

Located only 15 minutes from Los Angeles this is one B&B where you can enjoy some truly guilt-free relaxation.

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All-Natural Skin Car Products to Love

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Superskin try me kit Ever wonder what you are doing wrong when it comes to skin care? Well maybe your skin is craving something a bit more natural.

Try Liz Earle’s Natural Superskin products, made of 100% pure plant oils, the Superskin Concentrate is an intensive, aromatic nourisher that will give your face and neck the extra lovin’ they need. Organic rosehip oil will protect, argan oil will soften, and essential oils of lavender, chamomile and naturally sourced vitamin E will restore the fresh face that was hiding underneath.

They make simple products, and the company is always doing what they can to reduce their environmental impact. So if you are looking to switch up your daily skin care routine, try to out some natural products and see how your skin responds.


Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

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by Rebecca Eve Schweitzer

EWP_Eco_friendly_shopping_tips Searching out eco-friendly products is the ideal way to shop, but what about those shopping trips to the mall or boutiques? How can you make better purchases at these stores?

Here are five tips for greener shopping trips:

1. Avoid “Dry Clean Only” Items

The chemicals used in dry cleaning are harmful to the environment. Check labels, and try to buy washable items. Not only is this good for the Earth, but it's also a good way to cut back on your cleaning bills.

2. Bring Along a Reusable Tote Bag

We've all heard that we need to bring reusable bags to the grocery stores to avoid wasting paper and plastic bags. The same goes for shopping at the mall and boutiques. Bring along a cute tote and ask the sales associate to skip that wasteful, fancy shopping bag.

3. Shop Quality Over Quantity

Avoid purchases that are only going to fall apart or go out of style next week. You will produce less waste by purchasing well-made, quality clothing that will last.

4. Sit Down for that Midday Coffee or Lunch Break

If you need a refresher during your shopping trip, skip the food courts, coffee kiosks and fast food restaurants where you're served paper or plastic cups and plates. Visit a cafe where you can sit down and use real dishes. You'll waste less, enjoy your snack more, and possibly even eat healthier.

5. Show Your Support for Eco-Friendly Shops

If you come across a store selling eco-friendly products, make it a point to keep shopping there. Let your friends know about the store. Tell the manager or owner you appreciate what they are doing. If stores know there is a demand for green products, they will keep supplying them.


Eco-Friendly Destinations to Stay Fit

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More travelers are becoming even more environmentally conscious now more than ever. Not only that, but many travelers are looking for options that are budget friendly and offer healthy and adventurous options.

Well if there is climate you most prefer, there's a place within the states to perfectly suit your taste; it's simply a matter of blending budget and time constraints with fitness level. Below are some of our favorites.

WomenKayakingKenai Peninsula, AK
Hike, pedal, paddle, float and walk your way through Alaska's Kenai Peninsula where vast mountains, abundant wildlife and dazzling glaciers provide stunning scenery everywhere you turn. Backroad's Alaska MultiSport trip is ideal for adventure-seekers and wraps the package up in a pleasant six days. Families that are interested should check out the Family Deluxe Camping and Family Casual Inns version of the trip. Work on your fitness and be one with nature.

Bike san diegoSan Diego, CA
California outfitter Hike Bike Kayak San Diego is the city's first and largest multi-sport tour operator offering year-round outdoor adventures like surfing, snorkeling, walking and those that are title-worthy as convenient weekend getaways. Special fitness vacations for families, singles, women and couples are available.

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How to Choose Eco-Conscious Makeup

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Wash%20face1 Who would have thought your eco-efforts would venture into the bathroom. Well, most women don’t and they also don’t realize the ecological impact of their makeup.

Eco-conscious makeup artist Paige Padgett has incorporated her ecological lifestyle efforts into her passion for beauty. Up to 60 percent of what goes on your skin is absorbed, so what is put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.

Here are a few tips from the green makeup artist:

1. Read Labels. Shopping for cosmetics is like shopping for groceries. You have to read labels and watch out for toxic ingredients.

2. Plan ahead.Make shopping easier by checking online first for chemically safe companies at www.safecosmetics.org.

3. Trash disposables. Purchase organic cotton wash clothes and natural sponges that you can wash and reuse.

(Source: Paige Padgett)


Put a Stop to Catalog Waste & Killing Trees

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Catalog Choice Are you over filling your recycling bin with catalogs you’ve never read let alone never ordered anything from? Well its time to stop all the wasting and giving your mailbox a break.

A free catalog choice service lets you select the ones you want to receive and send your request directly to the merchants. It’s so easy too! All you have to do is go to the Catalog Choice website and with a click you can stop all the junk.

Each year over 53 million trees are consumed each year to produce paper catalogs. The production of those results in 56 million gallons of wastewater, and 4.1 million tons of waste of old catalogs. Needless to say, those few minutes of your time to stop the junk are worth a ton.