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Stay Eco-Friendly at the Hotel Indigo Chicago-Vernon Hills

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Hotelindigovernonhills Since its opening, the Hotel Indigo Chicago-Vernon Hills has had a full green agenda. Aside from being 100 percent smoke-free, the hotel features some of the area’s few hybrid parking places in order to increase consumer awareness and encourage guests to save gas and use lower emission transportation.

In addition to giving benefits tow hybrid owners, Hotel Indigo Chicago-Vernon Hills is helping set eco-standards in the hospitality industry by instituting creative and aggressive programs to save water, energy and reduce waste. To help conserve on water the hotel has installed low flow systems for faucets, toilets and showers, and like many eco-friendly hotels, guests are asked to use linens and towels more than once to save water, detergent and energy. The program saves the hotel 7,200 gallons of water and 51 gallons of detergent per month. In addition, any chemicals used are eco-friendly.

The Hotel Indigo Chicago-Vernon Hills is a hip hot spot with all the modern design and technologies guests crave, while providing an eco-conscious guilt-free stay.

(Source: Hotel Indigo)


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