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Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

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by Rebecca Eve Schweitzer

EWP_Eco_friendly_shopping_tips Searching out eco-friendly products is the ideal way to shop, but what about those shopping trips to the mall or boutiques? How can you make better purchases at these stores?

Here are five tips for greener shopping trips:

1. Avoid “Dry Clean Only” Items

The chemicals used in dry cleaning are harmful to the environment. Check labels, and try to buy washable items. Not only is this good for the Earth, but it's also a good way to cut back on your cleaning bills.

2. Bring Along a Reusable Tote Bag

We've all heard that we need to bring reusable bags to the grocery stores to avoid wasting paper and plastic bags. The same goes for shopping at the mall and boutiques. Bring along a cute tote and ask the sales associate to skip that wasteful, fancy shopping bag.

3. Shop Quality Over Quantity

Avoid purchases that are only going to fall apart or go out of style next week. You will produce less waste by purchasing well-made, quality clothing that will last.

4. Sit Down for that Midday Coffee or Lunch Break

If you need a refresher during your shopping trip, skip the food courts, coffee kiosks and fast food restaurants where you're served paper or plastic cups and plates. Visit a cafe where you can sit down and use real dishes. You'll waste less, enjoy your snack more, and possibly even eat healthier.

5. Show Your Support for Eco-Friendly Shops

If you come across a store selling eco-friendly products, make it a point to keep shopping there. Let your friends know about the store. Tell the manager or owner you appreciate what they are doing. If stores know there is a demand for green products, they will keep supplying them.


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