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Earth-Friendly Car Washing Tips

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Green-Car-Washing Every vehicle needs a good cleaning, especially during the harsh winter months. Not only does it keep your car sparkling, it keeps your exterior in tip-top shape and helps to maintain the ultra important resale value of your ride.

To keep things green, you’ll want to revert to nontoxic, biodegradable soaps and water-saving practices like turning the hose off except when rinsing.

Some good examples of healthy cleaners: Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner ($8), which contains non-toxic ingredients like grapefruit seed and orange peel to defeat grease, and Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds ($7), a multipurpose cleaner that does double duty on your vehicle but keeps hands silky soft.

For the ultimate in green clean, try a waterless wash kit like Eco Touch ($20) that’s good for four to eight washes using the non-toxic, biodegradable soap and reusable microfiber towels or No-Wet Waterless Car Wash ($21), an organic solution that cleans, shines and protects in one application.

More tips for keeping your car clean and green.



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