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Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Your Accessories

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Pearl-Necklace Accessories are the easiest way to put the “three r’s” to good use. Unlike clothing most accessories, especially jewelry can be recycled and reused over and over again, and in the end reduce the amount of waste produced. When it comes to accessories, there is the old rule of less is more, well as true as that is, the rule of quality versus quantity should also apply.

Jewelry of good quality can be worn for years, passed down and even be remade into something a little more modern. Reusing and passing along your old accessories means no new manufacturing resources have to be tapped into and we are spared from any additional pollution and carbon emissions.

Thrift stores, resale stores and even pawn shops are good places to find timeless accessories at low costs. Also, good quality jewelry will last a very long time, and if it does happen to break, fix it! Restringing a broken necklace instead of opting for a new one is kinder on the environment and will save you some dough.

Another tip, don’t be afraid to ask friends if they have anything you can borrow.  Many accessories are purchased to go with a specific outfit for a special occasion, then are taken off and long forgotten about. Instead of buying something new for your big night, borrowing then returning the next day is both ecological and economical.


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