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Organic Fabrics: Worth Every Penny

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Fair-Trade-Fabrics So if you’ve had a sparked interest in purchasing organic clothing, you may have noticed it costs a bit more than traditional fabrics. Much of the fabrics used in eco-friendly clothing use organic cotton. According to the Organic Trade Association, apparel companies are developing design programs that either use 100 percent organically grown cotton, or blend small percentages of organic cotton with conventional in their products.

The price difference comes from the way the clothing is made.

The organic cotton industry is still a growing market and producers are active in supporting Fair Trade. The clothing isn’t made in sweat shops by cheap labor; the products are often hand-made for fair wages to ensure quality. When clothing is made by hand not only does it not use the energy and electricity needed for sewing, it takes longer, creating more jobs.

So for those of you who think organic fabrics might not be worth the cost, think about the big picture.  Every little difference counts, and if you think about it the price difference really isn’t all that significant.


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