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Hotel Terra Jackson Hole: Luxurious and Sustainable

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Hotel Terra Outside Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, is just as luxurious as it is sustainable. Located in Teton Village, WY the green hotel is LEED-certified with 72 rooms and the full service Chill Spa.

Hotel Terra also is home to the Italian restaurant, Osteria, one of the hottest tables in Jackson Hole, as well as Terra Café, which is dedicated to using organic ingredients to create scrumptious crepes, lattes and other light fare.

Hotel terra inside Besides rooms that feature all-natural and organic materials, here are some of the major ways Hotel Terra Jackson Hole is making eco-friendly strides.

·   100% recycled "EcoShake" shingles.

  • More than 90% of the hotel interiors capture natural daylight and have access to outdoor views.
  • Heating and cooling system also controlled by hi tech building management system that allows rooms to be powered down when not in use and calibrated for specific occupancy expectations.
  • Radiant heating in the flooring of the parking garage, which runs along the entire ground level of the hotel, reducing direct heat loss and minimizing energy use.
  • Energy Star approved, extremely efficient windows, with Low E, a highly reflective coating that protects interiors from infrared light. This keeps heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer, reducing the need for energy used for supplemental heat or cooling.
  • Water conservation systems: dual flush toilets, low flow water fixtures, waterless urinals in Men’s public restrooms, and native landscaping requiring no irrigation -accounts for a 34% reduction in water use.

    (Hotel Terra)

For more eco-friendly travel articles, visit Earth Tones.


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Hey, check out this article on Terra Jackson. We are switching our host over to a more sustainable host, so there will continue to be some adjustments being made to our site for the next week, two at the most hopefully, but it is a really beautiful site and when we’re done we’ll even have the video for Terra Jackson on there as well. Hope you enjoy. It’ll get better in a week or two, I do my best to promise…


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