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Camry Hybrid: Having it All Toyota-style

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by Martha Hindes

Shhhhhh! Toyota has a secret! Its classic, comfortable, accommodating Camry sedan comes In (SURPRISE!) gasoline-electric hybrid version for 2010. This isn't yesterday's hybrid -- like Camry's cousin Prius that announces its intentions as a compact with steeply sloping nose and somewhat weird posterior. Rather, an ample interior and aerodynamic profile give no hint of its inner secret with the exception of lesser trunk space where the electric motor's batteries reside.

2010-Camry-Hybrid This is one family Toyota Camry that doesn't belly up to the octane bar with an undeniably keg-quantity thirst. Rather, it can sip politely without becoming sated. Results should be expected: A smaller bar tab, no overindulgence penalties for the kick of driving fun, an enviable score of mid-30s on the EPA's dart board mileage meter. (We scored "excellent" by staying above 32 during RTM's week-long test drive.)

If you think a stingy thirst means compromises, think again. Minimalist fuel requirements from the 2010 Toyota Camry's 2.4-liter four-banger provide maximum rewards. Navi, premium sound, leather trim and a comfortable yet playful ride for $33.2K, loaded, sum it up: A lotta pampering with a penchant for practical penny pinching. (Just try saying that in a hurry.)

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