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5 Tips to Travel More Responsibly

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Sustainable Travel Every traveler should take into account their impact on the environment by considering simple steps that will make a big difference in how many resources they use. These five tips are an easy guide for responsible travelers to help protect the environment and respect the socio-cultural and economic needs of their destination.

1. Give your house a vacation – Don’t waste resources you won’t be using. Adjust your thermostat, put lights on a timer instead of leaving them on and put a hold on the newspaper delivery.

2. Pack a water filter and reuse water bottles – Cut down the monetary and environmental costs by packing a water filter and refilling.

3. Support the local economy – Make sure your money goes into the locals pockets by purchasing fair trade products and hitting up farmer’s markets for locally grown foods.

4. Use public transportation or ride a bike – You will save money and decrease your footprint.

5. Grasp your surroundings – Learn about the environment, culture and heritage of the area and get a greater appreciation for the land around you.

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