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Fight For Clean Drinking Water Gets Serious

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Clean-drinking-water copy Believe it or not, the biggest issue the next generation of Americans may face is the ever-shrinking supply of drinking water in the U.S. Finding clean drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult and many communities are already engaged in legal battles over water rights. California has already estimated it may run out of drinking water within the next 20 years.  It’s something that may seem a bit far-fetched, but it’s the harsh reality.

Water filtration systems simply cannot remove 100 percent of lead, chlorine, pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are found in our country’s water supply. Many people choose bottled water, which is sometimes not any better than unfiltered tap water; most plastic bottled containers cannot be reused because the plastic itself contains harmful chemicals. And because of this, many citizens and companies have taken matters into their own hands.

A California based company has created a new way for people to make their own clean drinking water right in their own home. Atmosphereic Water Systems Inc. makes a product called DewPointe Atmosphereic Water Generator, which through innovative technology, this appliance no larger than any other office water cooler, condenses the moisture in the air, filters the collected water through a five-stage filtration system and stores the water for consumer use in hot and cold dispensers. All that is required is a standard electrical outlet, and the cost is less than 50 cents per gallon.

When you make your own water there is no need to use already polluted water, use plastic bottles and virtually no carbon footprint.


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