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Best Green Goods for Your Next Eco-Adventure

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Greentravelproducts-pic1 Green Travel has blossomed into it's own booming industry. Fueled by conscientious consumers and the need for recycled, reusable products, "green" travel  products, and "green" travel itself, have popped up everywhere, from Costa Rica's moist jungles to your favorite travel depot down the road.

Too kind to scream, "I told you so!" from the rooftops, Sustainable Travel International, who goes by the motto "leave the world a better place," is silently nodding in approval. To help spread the word, the eco-friendly travel organization has recently launched its first Annual Green Gear Guide. Filled with resource efficient, recycled and organic goods, the Green Gear Guide promotes products offered by distributors that gain fair prices for the local producers of their goods.

Says STI President Brian Mullis, outdoor equipment
and clothing are enormously popular. Unfortunately, many products are produced under oppressive labor conditions, through energy or resource intensive processes, or with harmful toxic materials."

To keep yourself and the environment healthy, check out some of ROAD & TRAVEL's favorites from the Green Gear Guide.


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