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Alternative Energy Solutions from Honda

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"No one can tell us when we'll run out of oil, but we will. Everyone will tell you we will."
--John W. Mendel, Executive Vice President, Honda, Acura Auto Sales in Racing Against Time
A deep focus on environmental concerns has been a part of Honda's DNA for over three decades. Our spirit of innovation and belief in the power of dreams embolden us to meet every new challenge and drive us to race against time in our quest to discover the best alternatives to our society's current dependence on oil.
Solar Power
Solar-power honda Power from the elements, especially the sun, can provide a natural energy solution. Next-generation solar cells developed by Honda use thin film made from a compound of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS) to convert energy from the sun into electricity. Honda Soltec Co., Ltd., produces and markets the next-generation thin film solar cells in Japan. These solar cells are mounted on Honda's experimental Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) in Torrance, California, which helps efficiently produce hydrogen using renewable solar energy. We're fully committed to bringing Honda solar cell technology to the mainstream through innovative applications like these.
Electric Power
Electric-power honda Electric power is a cleaner solution to overcoming our dependence on oil, although it is not without its challenges. We feel strongly that an investment in electric-powered vehicles is teaching our engineers valuable lessons in environmental technology. The Honda EV Plus battery electric vehicle, for example, helped pave the way for Honda's subsequent leadership in introducing gas-electric hybrids, fuel cell electric vehicles and other alternative-fuel vehicles. Our vigorous commitment to bringing an electric vehicle to market continues.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Looking for a clean-burning fuel resource that occurs naturally in America? Compressed natural gas powers the Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). Honda took the popular Civic package and created a commuter-friendly vehicle that achieves near-zero emissions with an AT-PZEV CARB emissions rating.*
Hydrogen Power
A car that emits only water vapor may sound like something from the future, but it's here today in the eye-catching design of the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. The FCX Clarity FCEV is already in the hands of select Southern California drivers. Curious about how the FCX Clarity FCEV works? You can learn all about this revolutionary new sedan at our FCX Clarity FCEV Web site.
Another new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle concept is our futuristic FC Sport Concept. It demonstrates a whole new way of thinking about hydrogen, and previews a future where environmental responsibility and performance can co-exist.
Honda will continually strive to increase the efficiency of our existing internal-combustion engine products so that we can minimize our use of oil. First to the U.S. market with a hybrid vehicle, the original Insight, in 1999, we continue to build on our hybrid knowledge—from the popular Civic Hybrid to the all-new Insight with its sophisticated Eco Assist™ feedback system. On the horizon: a sporty, fun-to-drive hybrid — the new Honda CR-Z.
To get a quick overview of Honda's long-term commitment to the environment, please visit their  environmental timeline.


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