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Steps to a Greener Car

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By Erin marquis

Gas Want a green vehicle? Your average gas powered car could be closer to environmentally friendly than you might think. Here are so steps you can take to make your car run great, look great, and save the planet.

1. Check out Your Tires: Tires keep at the proper pressure can save you a lot of gas in the long run.  

2. Smaller vehicle, newer vehicle: if you’re driving an older car, or an SUV, now might be the time to move to a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle.

3. Go Slow!: Lowering your speed on the highway will save a lot of gas. Today’s cars are manufactured to be most fuel efficient when driven at 55 mph. Drive at 70 mph, and you will be getting at least 5% less, miles-per-gallon, than if you drive at 55!

4. Preventative Maintenance: The best way to get the best mileage from your vehicle is to keep your vehicle well maintained. An engine that is not regularly serviced will burn more gas. Preventive maintenance saves you money in the long run, by maintaining your car’s fuel economy.

5. Control your right foot!: Gentle acceleration and gentle braking can save you up to 10% of your gas used. Vehicles are most inefficient when accelerating quickly away from rest. So, take it slowly and save gas.


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