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How to Eat Meat Without Guilt

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By Erin Marquis

The debate continues to rage over whether or not meat is healthy for your body and the planet. Currently, most animals are raised in industrial feed lots, which cause a lot of pollution in both the air and water, as well as provided an inhumane life for the cattle.

    However, eating meat is an excellent source for not only protein, but of essential fatty acids and nutrients found in abundance only in meat. Plus there is no evidence that vegetarianism is healthier than an omnivorous diet. So how can you reconcile your meat eating ways with your love of the environment? Saving the planet is as easy as making the right decisions about what you eat.

1.    Buy it local and organic: Local meat is often from smaller producers which raise their meat more humanely and produce much less pollution as they use their animal waste as fertilizer.

2.    Buy grass fed: This means your meat ate a more natural diet, which causes less greenhouse gas emissions. It also means your chicken or cow lived outside in pasture land. Grass-feeding improves the taste as well!

3.    Buy meat less: Meat consumption has gone up dramatically in Western countries over the past few decades. By having a meatless day you can focus on the other food groups you may be leaving out, as well as cut down on the need for industrial meat production.


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