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Helpful hints for the Ecotourist

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By Erin Marquis

Eco tourism is a great travel option for the environmentally conscious traveler, giving people not only a chance to take a vacation but also to do something positive for the environment. However, there are some dangers lurking in this rewarding experience. Hiking

Find the right trip. Do you want to experience nature, learn about it, or really help it? There are packages that fit almost every taste and objective, but if you're looking for a relaxing week and sign up to count bird nests or maintain hiking trails you'll be disappointed! Also be realistic about what you can do. If the package you're interested in requires a 20 mile hike and you can only do 5 miles you shouldn't push yourself. This is your vacation, make it enjoyable!

Beware of green washing. Green washing is normally a problem with products parading as ‘green’ without having any real credentials to do so. It is also a problem with eco tourism. Seriously consider if the trip does more harm than good to the area you’re traveling to. If part of the price of your trip is donated to preservation you know you have a good company to work with.

Consider your impact. Just being there creates an impact on the surrounding area. For example, problems have been arising with people visiting the Galapagos Islands to experience their pristine nature and marvelous diversity only to degrade the environment and legendary array of animals. You may not even realize the impact you’re having on an area until it is too late!

Make organization a priority. Disorganization can lead to travelers getting off the beaten path and causing environmental havoc, which is certainly not the eco-tourists intent. Be sure to look for low impact, small scale trips that focus on preservation and education of visitors.

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