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Buying a Used Hybrid Vehicle

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CarbuyingFIX Don’t have the green to go green with a new hybrid car? Buy it used! As the first generation of hybrid vehicles has made its rounds, you may have some questions when buying a used one. Here are a few things to remember when shopping for a used Hybrid.


Get it Inspected!
First, run a vehicle report, like CaFax on any used car you are planning on purchasing. Reports like these can give you insight into how many different owners the hybrid car has had, and alert you to any past accidents or damage.

If you're not buying from a dealer it’s a good idea to have the hybrid inspected by a dealer or an auto shop. Tell the dealer you are considering buying the car and would like a pre-purchase inspection. It will cost a little money for an inspection, but it's money well spent.


Low mileage on a used car is generally better than high mileage. Less mileage tends to mean less wear on the hybrid’s components. Just because a hybrid has high mileage on it, doesn’t mean you should be scared away. So far used hybrids have been as reliable as their non-hybrid counterparts.

Batteries and Used Hybrid Cars
One of the biggest concerns relating to buying a used hybrid car is the battery. Each manufacturer has different warranties for their hybrid components, varying from 8 year/80,000 miles for Honda, to 8 year/100,000 miles for Toyota.

Replacing a hybrid battery after the warranty has expired could cost $2,000 - $3,000. Prices for hybrid batteries will likely come down as more hybrid cars are on the road, and as battery technology improves.

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