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"AVATAR" Takes Going Green To The Big Screen!

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By Liz Kaadou

Avatar2 Even Hollywood and the magical movie industry are earnestly and eagerly embracing the eco-friendly movement! For those of you who have not yet seen the new sci-fi movie Avatar, which hit theaters December 18th, we won't spoil it for you.  But we will tell you eco-lovers out there that it is one cinematic masterpiece you will be proud to wear your vegan boots to!

Avatar boasts spectacular 3-D effects and of course eco-friendly blue aliens!  Over a decade in the making with an estimated 400 million spent on production, this blockbuster hit, made by Titantic director James Cameron, was well worth it! Avatar blitzed at the box office during its opening weekend selling 75 million tickets and in its second week is still at the top of U.S. box office charts.

Deemed "Glorious" by the New York Times, Avatar is now the front runner at the 2010 Oscars. It's about time going green went to the big screen!

Photo: www.nj.com

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