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How To Host A Glam & Green New Year's Bash!

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By Liz Kaadou

NewyearsathomeNothing beats rambunctiously ringing in 2010 with family, friends and plenty of festive party favors in the comfort of your own abode! From gorgeous glitter covered hats to colorful crazy noisemakers and party poppers, New Year's eve is an excuse to let your inner child out and stay up until the wee hours of the morning. But why not make the switch from 2009 to 2010 even better by hosting your New Year's party with all the "green" trimmings? Guests will go gaga for these green ideas that will make the start of 2010 your most exciting and eco-friendly year yet!

1) Opt for eco-disposable plates made from sugarcane, you can purchase a pack of 50 at BiodegradableStore.com

2) Instead of going out and buying extra folding chairs and tables if you do not have enough for your growing guest list, simply ask some of your friends if you can borrow theirs!

3) Why mail out invitations and waste the paper? It is the digital era, so send an invite through email or design a fancy Evite card!

4) Shred up your used Christmas/Holiday wrapping paper and use it as the confetti to cover the tables!

5) Opt for some soy candles to brighten up your green decor, this way you can keep most of your lights off to reduce energy usage. Click here to buy some!

6) Serve finger foods! Guests love these and they require barely an cooking time, meaning less use of electricity.

7) Have an "a cappella" singing contest! Buy some fun sheet music with lyrics and instead of using your CD player you and your guests will have a blast seeing who has the best voice!

8) After the clock strikes midnight, have everyone write down a New Year's resolution about how to go green in 2010 and put them all inside one of the hats.  Pass the hat around and have everyone pick one out! This will help guests see the importance of being eco-friendly for the new year.

Check out RTM's Earth Tones section for more ways to go green!

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