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Disney Darling Selena Gomez Goes Green!

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By Liz Kaadou

Selenagomez Tween sensation Selena Gomez can now add eco-fashion designer to her rising repertoire of singing and acting. The sassy star of "Wizards of Waverly Place," this ambitious 14 year old Disney starlet is using her flourishing fame and role model status in the tween realm to encourage youngters that it really is cool to "go green."

The eccentric eco-fashion line she is co-designing will boast boho-chic styes.  Titled "Dream Out Loud" by Selena Gomez, pieces will range from floral-print tops to dresses and jackets and all fabrics will be organic and eco-friendly. Inspirational quotes by the Disney diva herself will even adorn the trendy t-shirts!

So Selena Gomez fans make room in your cluttered closets to add a bit of green goodness. Her line will hit shelves in the fall of 2010!

Photo: JustJared.com

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She's a fabulous young kid. I'm glad her fame does not get to her head. I hope she stays grounded.

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