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Witty Ways to Greenify Your Work

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By Liz Kaadou


Paperatwork Prim, proper and paperless? Sounds like the perfect combination for an efficient, effective and eco-friendly work environment. Did you know that as much as 93% of all office waste is actually paper, and most of it is recyclable. The problem is, most employees quickly crumble up used paper and target it directly for the trash. Instead, here are some extremely easy ways to take your work routine from wasteful to wonderful.  


Recycle bin 1) Set-up recycling bins around the office for paper and plastics. People like convenience and if the bin is directly in front of their trash cans, chances are they will think twice before trashing recyclable materials and documents.


2) Contact companies that dispose of old software and electronics in an eco-conscious way.  This will put your out-dated technology to good and gratifying use! 


Emailmessage 3) Add a signature to all emails that reads “Only print if extremely important.”  This will remind those printer-happy employees that not everything received in an email needs to be documented on piles of precious paper.


4) On a more humorous note, place a sign in the lavatories that states, “This is our last roll of toilet paper, so please use it wisely. After that, we are going paperless.” This is an ingenious method to add a bit of comedy into the work place while simultaneously reminding employees of the perils of extreme paper use!

Check out RTM's Earth Tones section for more ways to go green!

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