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Baby Steps to Go Green

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By Liz Kaadou

Not ready to convert your entire house into an eco-oasis, live off organic fruits and vegetables from your garden, bicycle to work, or even trade in your hefty SUV for a humble hybrid?  While these are big steps to preserve the environment, you may not be ready for such dutiful dedication.  Instead, try these simple baby steps to incorporate a little green into your everyday life.


Here's a "bright" idea, switch your regular light bulbs for some energy efficient ones like the Verilux Global Cooling Bulbs.  These beneifical bulbs last 13 times longer than normal bulbs, which means fewer bulbs in landfills.  They also use less energy to produce light, so fewer greenhouse gases are released into our atmosphere. Click Here to buy some!

PurFilter Invest in a water purifying pitcher like the Pur- Stage Oval Water Pitcher.  Not only will this delightful device remove 99.9% of water contaminates, but by bottling your own filtered water, you will save money and help the environment by reducing plastic waste from discarded water bottles. Click Here to take a giant gulp of green goodness!

Greenbag Bag any green guilt you may have with a reusable shopping bag. Forget paper or plastic, this Green Bee tote is a smart eco alternative.  Each pouch stores three bags and is tiny enough to take on all your shopping excursions. The bag is even made with recycable polyester.  Click Here to grab one and go!

Check out RTM's Earth Tones section for more ways to go green!

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