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What Recyclables Do You Actually Recycle?

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What recyclables Just because your recycling service doesn't take an item, that doesn't mean it's not recyclable. For example, you have to take batteries to a special place (usually an electronics store) for recycling. Are you really recycling everything you can, or are recyclables hiding in your garbage bags?

Aseptic (paper/foil juice) containers: Difficult for normal recycling companies to recycle, BRING Recycling in Eugene, Oregon will accept them. Ship to BRING Recycling, Reuse Warehouse & Business Office, 86641 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97405; (541) 746-3023.

Rechargeable batteries: RadioShack and Office Depot accept batteries from wireless phones, laptop computers, camcorders, cordless power tools, digital cameras and radio-controlled toys.

iPods: Take advantage of Apple's iPod recycling program and you'll save 10% on a newer purchase that day. Just bring your old one to any Apple store.

Aluminum cans: See if your favorite charity or any fundraisers are collecting them to raise money.

Plastic bags: Take your collection back to the store - many grocery stores or supercenters like Wal-Mart have convenient recepticles for used plastic bags.

Printer cartridges: If you know of a local cartridge store, chances are they can re-fill your old cartridge.

Try Earth911.com's recycling center search engine to figure how to recycle anything else.

For more green living advice, visit RTM's Earth Tones section.

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