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State Farm Insurance's Shrinking Eco-Footprint

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Sure, an insurance company's commitment to the environment may not be the very first thing you look for when choosing - cost tends to trump details like this. So it's a good thing State Farm offers fair deals as well as doing their part to help keep the environment healthy. In the last ten years, this company's Energy Star rating spiked from 49 to 82.

How did they do it? The green basics!

Going paper-free: Consumer electronic billing & payment eliminates more than 3 million pieces of mail a year.

Using public transportation: Their shuttle service between corporate buildings moves about 400,000 employees a year.

Recycling: The effective companywide program keeps almost a thousand tons of material out of landfills per year.

E-waste recycling: Out-of-date electronic equipment is sent to an asset recovery vendor for reuse or recycling, not to the landfill.

What are other insurance companies doing to go green, you ask?

The new insurance company, the Better World Club, claims to "improve your car-ma!" in a variety of ways; AAA partnered Green Globe with to create the eco-friendly star accreditation for hotels and resorts; GEICO offers incentives for driving a hybrid in certain states; and Progressive plants a tree in every client who signs up for paperless billing's honor.

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