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"SKY" Technology: Mazda's Eco-Revolution

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Car_photo_336064_7 Japanese car company Mazda has done some incredible work towards making vehicles more earth-friendly that can’t be ignored. With two eco-prototypes hitting car shows this year: the Kiyora and the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, Mazda’s progressivism is undeniable.


While some parts of Mazda’s futuristic city car are set to appear in future Mazda models, the stylish vehicle is only a study. Innovative systems for the concept car include its high-tech solar roof which powers the cabin and a rainwater cleansing system which makes water drinkable. The Japanese Mazda Kiyora model, which is so cute and ovalescent it almost looks like a skittle, is being shown at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show for the first time. Mazda’s stop-start technology, regenerative braking and slippery aerodynamics combined with new SKY technology could deliver 75 mpg for the car.


Mazda will also display the two SKY engines and the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid vehicle, which is already in use by Japanese government agencies. The Premacy uses a hydrogen-burning rotary engine hybrid system.


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