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Want a Green Job? You Could Already Have One!

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Jobs Though the green job search may not scream your current title, those kinds of jobs are the ones that so desperately need, well, greening. The creation of green jobs will boost our economy as well as help reduce American oil dependence and carbon emissions, but the underlying factor for green change to happen is by changing daily habits - and this means changing normal jobs.

Choose green supplies whenever you can

Start an online carpooling network using your work's email program or social networking sites 

Store information digitally on your computer rather than in paper files, don't print receipts if possible

Start recycling, or lobby for recycling bins

Start biking to work as often as you can    

Bring a lunch or eat at a restaurant rather than using styrofoam take-out containers; lobby for a no-styrofoam policy

Get a petition for an environmental cause signed during break-time

Ask your boss about offsetting company carbon emissions

Don't take out the garbage until it's full to avoid wasting plastic bags

Make any project you're assigned environmentally sustainable

These are universally applicable tips for anyone, in an position, in the workforce. If there's anything you've thought of that's bad ecological practice, specific to your job, change it! Do whatever you can to cut down your consumption, promote eco-friendliness in the peers and patrons you work with, and give people the opportunity to go green themselves. Most companies are starting to get the hint about environmentally-friendly practices, but don't know where to start, or just need an extra push.


For more green career tips, visit RTM's Earth Tones section.


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