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The 5 Most Eco-Friendly U.S. Colleges: Big & Small

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Collllege It's like the environmental Freshman 15 - people go away to school and may find themselves confronted with culture-shock induced temptations to be live life less green. Well, that's not gonna happen at these colleges.

1. Unity College Unity, MA - America’s Environmental College only offers environmental courses, with all progressive, nature-friendly majors and minors. Majors like Adventure Therapy, Environmental Analysis, and Sustainability Design are the norm.

2. Evergreen State College Olympia, WA – This state college owes its high class of sustainability mostly to its students. With the large organic farm, the dorms’ massive composting facility, and 100% clean power, students support sustainable systems and have even approved fee increases.  

3. EARTH University Costa Rica - Dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the tropics, students go through a four-year program to earn an agronomy degree as they learn to balance ecological preservation and agriculture. The university's Rational Use of Resources program aims to instill an eco-ethic in everyone on campus.

4. College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor, MA - This small school has just one major: Human Ecology, which is the study of our relationship with the environment. It was also the first college in the U.S. to pledge carbon neutrality.

5. Harvard University has made major investments in energy conservation, making their campus buildings the most eco-friendly according to the U.S. Green Building Council. Plus, 20 green new-construction and renovation projects have been certified since 2002, and home-cooked biodiesel is used in university buses.

For more green living tips, visit RTM's Planet Driven Section.

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