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Sailing: Stylish, Versatile & Eco-Conscious on the Water

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Sailboat Considering dropping some cash on a cruise, sportsboat or jetski? These are all fun, relaxing ways to enjoy the outdoors, but these activities are often environmentally hypocritical because of their degradation upon the very area you wish to enjoy. Sailing is much more complementary to nature. It's also versatile - you could call it a sport, adventure or vacation. While fear of the unknown may cause some resistance from family & friends, keep in mind that with the help of crews your sailing experience can be as interactive or luxurious as you like. Sailing allows you to travel the water as a ecotourist, because it involves harnessing the energy from the wind and water.

The perfect example is Tahoe Sailing Charters, which depart daily from Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, utilizing a small diesel engine which uses clean burning bio-diesel fuel. They only operate the engine about 10% of the time, when wind power is contrary to pre-planned destinations and schedules.  To harness their power from the wind as much as possible, they schedule their sailing cruises efficiently.

In Florida, Offshore Sailing offers campus-style sailing school in three destination resorts, so families can learn this eco-friendly way to spend time together on the water.


Sailor As an added bonus, ladies can use this as an opportunity to go vintage sailor-outfit shopping! Because sailor-themed clothes have been a quiet trend for so long, there's tons of vintage sailor-themed accessories and clothes out there, like sailor button-jeans, anchor necklaces, and of course, the sailor girl dress.

For more eco-adventure travel ideas, visit RTM's Earth Tones.

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