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Your Eco-Friendly/Vegan Back to School Shoe Guide

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Olsen haus These shoes are all either eco-friendly or vegan, and perfect for the fall wardrobe makeover. Vegan means that absolutely no animal products are used, but the materials are not necessarily sustainable - however, vegan products are more ethical and being vegan is a huge carbon footprint reducer. Eco-friendly means the materials used are either recycled, vegetable tanned leathers (as opposed to chemically tanned) or other sustainable textiles.

Everyday/Walking/Errands: Even though school may be in the past, fall's still the perfect time for getting a new pair of sneakers. You'll be convinced when you see Simple's line for Women. Each style is given a rating (by the sellers themselves): either good, better, or best for the environment based on which eco-friendly (or friendlier) materials are present.
Might as well get new socks while you're at it: Bamboosa.

Running: Brooks' eco-friendlier running shoes are produced more efficiently than most running shoes, and can be ordered with a biodegradeable midsole.  

Work: The vegan pumps by Neuara made with locally-sourced material are classy and perfect to go with work-wear.

Night out: It took awhile to find shoes that were both vegan AND sexy, but it was totally worth the hunt when I found OLSEN HAUS! Their site has an amazing tutorial on why their shoes are vegan, and the shoes are very gorgeous.

Stuck in the Summer: Feelgoodz fairtrade flipflops are made of natural rubber, meaning they are 100% biodegradeable and recyclable. I know I shouldn't be recommending this, but there are always those people who wear flipflops way too far into the fall - they might as well be environmentally and socially responsible.

Toms Ready for Winter: TOMS shoes are, idealistically, the perfect do-gooder shoes - for every pair bought, one pair is donated to a child in need. This is enough for some people. But others want more: style and ethics - so in come TOMS vegan wrap boots, which serve both purposes.

For more eco-friendly lifestyle advice, visit Earth Tones by RTM.

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