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How to Green Your Existing Degree or Get a New One

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Kid. Wish your job title could be as green as you try to be at home? The problem with green career programs is that - while there are a lot of students out there considering them, most people already have degrees. But by going green at work, employees can find more job security. Based on the concept of intrapreneurship (making changes from within the company), employees can become more valuable by coming up with some idea or project that is good for the environment and also drives sales or saves the company money. For example, when Vanessa Farquharson of Toronto's National Post began a column and blog (which eventually became a published book: Sleeping Naked Is Green: How an Eco-Cynic Unplugged Her Fridge, Sold Her Car, and Found Love in 366 Days) about making green changes in her life, she not only did an environmental good deed - or 366 - but increased her job's value as her story's popularity increased. 

For those that are currently in school or wish to go back, the selection of green degrees is getting a little broader - there are now tons of green MBAs and masters of green project management programs, which put those who earn them in control of how green our businesses will become. Making new businesses environmentally-friendly is an important step in greening the planet, but revamping old ones is of equal or higher importance - consider businesses such as oil, plastic, and even most restaurants.

Unity College in Maine offers all environmental degrees, like Environmental Humanities, Environmental Writing, Adventure Therapy, Conservation Law Enforcement; and Agriculture, Food, and Sustainability. You can even be certified as a Leave No Trace Instructor to inform people best practices when using the wilderness for adventure and recreation.

For more green news, visit RTM's Earth Tones Section.

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