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Ecoventura Galapagos Expeditions: Greenest Cruises

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Sky The Galapagos is known for its booming ecotourism, but ironically, that tourism has added to the challenges and problems faced by those looking to restore and protect the island's native species and ecological balance.

But Ecoventura, an environmentally responsible expedition cruise line is not a part of that problem.  The winner of Conde Nast Traveler’s (CNT) 15th Annual World Savers Award in the category of Cruise Lines, Ecoventura has an ongoing mission to be the pacesetter for responsible tourism in the Galapagos Islands.


Ecoventura’s focus on improving conditions in the Galapagos yielded the company the highest score in the category of Cruise Line from the panel of judges. The company was noted as outstanding in four distinct areas:


  Education: For granting scholarships to Ecuadorian students interested in environmental and marine conservation.

  Poverty: For funding a micro-enterprise for fishermen’s wives helping convert a boat into a restaurant & boutique.

  Preservation: For operating the first hybrid power yacht in the Galapagos with solar panels & wind turbines that reduced carbon emissions by 10%.

  Health: For paying the salaries of physical therapists and sign-language teachers at a school in Galapagos.


For more ecotourism news, visit RTM's Earth Tones section.


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