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Stepping Stones to a Green Career: Getting Started

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Greencareers So, you want your career to have green makeover. Where do you even start? If you're not in the market for one of those new green degrees or certifications, you can still be professionally "green". First of all, if you're fine with not having the actual degree on paper, there are plenty of free online college classes to take in the environmental field. Here are 100 of them that'll give you hardcore environmental prowess.

Also, consider taking on a green project at your current job - if it is something that can benefit the company financially, it may even pave the pathway to a new job title. Be the one to relentlessly take recyclables to a recycle bin when they're on the way to the dumpster, to set a good example and show that you really do care.

Find more environmental advice from RTM in our Earth Tones Section.


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