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One Stop Earth Shop: Green Depot

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Building - or even decorating - a home the entirely "green" way seemed to me like an impossible task. Where would you find all the little things needed in a home, that were all green in some way?

All I could say when I found Green Depot was - well, it's not so appropriate, but I was pretty excited. Everything is green, and they sell everything (for your home). Need eco-friendly paintbrushes? They've got 'em. A cool-looking recycling bin? Yep. A bamboo kitchen counter? Well, of course! And the site's "green filter" takes care of any possible greenwashing. Do I dare to say it's even better than IKEA?

Locations are currently just in New York state and Chicago, but their website's worth a look or two. 

Visit RTM's Planet Driven Section for more green lifestyle news.

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