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Movie Review: Six Degrees Could Change the World

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By Sara Hoffman

Another enlightening and thought-provoking environmental film, National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World is a methodical yet scary prediction of each increasing degree's effect on our planet. Simply navigating the Scene Selection Menu is astonishing: Our World + One Degree, Our World + two Degrees...all the way to a horrific six degrees. narrated by Alec Baldwin, the theme is that something big is happening. With every degree of global warming, irreparable damage occurs - damage that could not only ruin our environment, but the social structures that keep people sane.

But global warming, like some cynics argue, can't be all bad - during some stages of the warming, farmers on colder continents will be able to grow crops they never could before - enabling the possibility of a British-grown wine. The film's pressing interviews, with people from corners of the globe that are already seeing the effect of climate change degree by degree, makes it all seem much more real.

To see the experience the future in the midst of global climate change, buy National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the Worldon amazon.com.  

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