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Green Memories: Earth-Friendly Scrapbooks

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Scrapbooks Scrapbooking can be addicting. So can buying all the cute new stickers, papers, and albums to support your hobby. Green? Not so much. Some scrapbook enthusiasts even subscribe to scrapbooking magazines to get layout ideas. Well, this tip will not only make your scrapbook more authentic, it's totally green as well.

At this eco-friendly turning point, there are basically two choices:

1) Go natural: Use all recycled materials. Make your own cover by stringing together two equal sizes pieces of a thick material like cardboard or wood. Use papers you have laying around as background pages - even your junk mail and newspapers can serve as interesting backgrounds, especially years later. Use old greeting cards as matting paper, old buttons or flowers as decorations. Really incorporate your life into the book, not the items you found at the scrapbook store.

2) Go digital: Photo-book creating websites like Picaboo allow you to design each layout of every page, while putting your digital photos to use. No need for layer upon layer of paper - everything's digitalized, then printed onto single pages. Perfect.

For more green lifestyle ideas, check out RTM's Earth Tones Section.

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