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Green Living Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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Apartment Imagine your dream eco-friendly apartment of all apartments: everything you see is repurposed, recycled or used, eco-friendly, or alive (winebottles used for candleholders, thrift store shelves, tons of plants). Because apartments are often small spaces, it's easier to keep track of all your stuff, so you can cycle what comes in and goes out in a no-impact way.

The Cycle of Stuff: When incoming "throwaway stuff" arrives, plan on it being in your apartment for a long time, just maybe not in the same form. Don't bring stuff in that you can't repurpose, reuse, recycle, give away or compost later. Soon you'll have a green haven, filled with only things that are truly necessary, that have been salvaged and made into something useful.

Utilities & the Environment: Your apartment's ecological footprint is mailed to you every month, in the form of a bill. In smaller spaces, it's easier to keep track of water and electricity usage. Apartments are easily and efficiently heated. Simply keep an eye on how much water and electricity are being used, turn down the heat or A/C when you're not around, unplug appliances that aren't being used, and soon you'll be competing with yourself to get the lowest bills possible. 

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