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Get On It: How to Bike to Work with Savvy

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Commuter Biking to work is clearly better for you, and the environment than driving - but is it really do-able? Before you hop on, there are five concerns to address.

Distance: Because adding a commute, depending on it's length, can be liking starting a new exercise regimen, make sure you're up to it. An average adult can do 10 miles on a bike in about an hour, so time your departure using this figure.

Packing: Carry your change of clothes, toiletries, water bottle and tire repair kit in either a messenger bag or backpack, or place bags on a proper bike rack. See if any nearby gyms or spas will let you use their shower facilities once you arrive.

Bike Condition: Tires, gears, brakes, and lights should all get attention before each trip, especially if your bike's been collecting dust for awhile. Buying a brand new bike is a great way to motivate yourself to ride daily, but any used bicycle will do as well.

Route: The most direct way to work isn't necessarily the best. Also, mix things up once in awhile by varying your route so you don't get bored - pick routes with enjoyable scenery and maybe a friendly coffee shop. Think like a cyclist, not like a motorist.

Storage: Make sure there's a place you can securely lock up your bike outside or store it somewhere inside where it'll be out of the way, not blocking any doors or hallways.

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